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I’m a psychology student, teaching assistant, and research assistant at the University of Central Missouri. I plan to receive a PhD either in either clinical psychology with an emphasis in gerontology, or cognitive psychology with an emphasis in learning disabilities (particularly dyscalculia).

I am a high school drop out, and because I attempted to go to college several times without knowing I was disabled, my GPA nose-dived to 2.4. I received all of my diagnoses in my late 20s and returned to college. Now that I receive the accommodations I need to succeed, my GPA is at 3.7. I work very hard to keep my GPA up, especially when it comes to courses that cause my dyscalculia to be a huge bother.


I’ve been an artist since I was very small. I won first place for second graders in a city wide contest for the American Royal, and in third grade I won an art contest for clean waters in Missouri. Despite the trophies and my love of art classes, I never really took my art seriously until I was an adult.

As a tween and teen I was inspired by anime characters, but it wasn’t long before I wanted to find my own style. Unfortunately, I stopped creating art in my late teens and didn’t really start again until a month shy of my 31st birthday. I applied to be in an group show for disabled artists called Expressions that was hosted by The Whole Person and I got in. I realized then that I needed to teach myself how to paint, and fast. In two months I created five paintings in watercolor and acrylic, two of which sold at the Expressions art show.

I am currently curating an art show for disabled and chronically ill artists for the Jones Gallery in Kansas City, Missouri and I was brought on as the Artistic Director of the non-profit Greater Kansas City Arts for Disabilities. I am also working out the details of creating an annual “weird art” Halloween Faire called Grimm’s Indie.

Inclusion and Advocacy

I am a strong proponent of civil rights, an intersectional feminist. This primarily rests on my own experiences as a person who resides comfortably within several discriminated groups. I am a non-binary trans person (she/her) who is pan-asexual. A short selection of my disabilities includes: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome – Hypermobility type, Dyscalculia (specific learning disability in mathematics), Autism Spectrum, Fibromyalgia, Asthmatic Bronchitis, chronic migraines, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain. The list could go on forever, really.

I’ve given public talks about disability advocacy, created a chapter of a national non-profit for disability rights, been invited to attend the 2014 Medicine X medical conference at Stanford University, and currently I work at the Institute for Human Development at UMKC as the Education, Disability, and Inclusion Undergraduate Student Intern.

I would love to become more involved in the arts scene of Kansas City and to help galleries and other venues to become more inclusive of disabled individuals.

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