Bad Day painting

A painting done in watercolors by Teigan Hockman. It is of a man looking at the viewer with black streamers of ink creeping out of his eyes.

This painting was one of my first in watercolors, and will probably always have a soft spot in my heart as it’s very personal. The character is named Jaden and has been rattling around in my mind since I was 15. He’s gone through many incarnations and I hope one day to tell his story. For now he’s helping to tell my story.

I suffer from chronic migraines, and one day I had the thought “What if I had to choose between having superpowers or not having migraines?”. I also played around with the idea of a visual representation of how my eyes feel during a migraine, as mine are usually triggered by lights due to a condition called photophobia.

This was painted several months before I even knew about the group show Expressions, but it was my first painting to sell there! The show was put on by The Whole Person at The Jones Gallery.

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